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Star Codes

Below is a list of star codes used to activate some commonly used features of our netTALK products. For netTALK DUO and CONNECT TALK app. Not for netTALK Wireless service

  • *41 Reads out the Local IP address of the device
  • *46 Merges both parties' calls, creating a 3 way conference call
  • *61 Reboots DUO
  • *67 Please note this will disable outgoing calls. If you activated this, please dial *68 to enable outgoing calls again. Please use *77 to make your calls anonymous.
  • *68 Enable outbound calls
  • *77 Call ID Blocking - For outgoing calls, simply dial *77 immediately followed by the number, and your call will come up as "UNKNOWN" on the recipient's caller ID.
  • *98 Access voicemail
  • *123 Latency Test

Feature Codes

  • 411 Directory Assistance
  • 911 Emergency Assistance
  • 933 911 address confirmation
  • 2663 Create business conference bridge