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We offer multiple ways to stay connected with your world.

The VoIP way...


Your smarter home phone line + mini WiFi router.
Our most powerful solution yet.

netTALK ezLINQ box
netTALK Wireless SIM card

the Cellular way...

Unlimited 4G LTE! No Contract!
Perfect for Small Business.

Nationwide Cellular Service on the nation's fastest and the lowest cost 4G LTE T-Mobile network.

the Voice App way...

Talk App

Free International Phone. Free Worldwide Calls with App-to-App Calling. Stay connected with your friends & family anywhere in the world with your netTALK home phone number & service.

TALK App for iPhone
Messaging App for iPhone

or the Text App way...

Messaging App

Free Encrypted Text Messenger. Privately share your life with your friends & family. Photos, messages, locations and more are shared securely with VPN.

choose your way...ONE or ALL